Feb 112011

As an amateur student of history, with a recent emphasis on revolutions inspired by my interest in the Russian revolution of 1917, I would like to congratulate the freedom-seeking people of Egypt, but also to warn them and the citizens of the United States and free world.

I sincerely hope that the Egyptian revolutionaries understand that the revolution is not over; that toppling a government is just the beginning of the revolution and that the coming years are the heart of it. Revolution is not a coup de gras but an actual turn of power and mindset.

Revolutions often eat their own. Be vigilant and dogged in your dedication to the ideals that brought you to the streets and brought down the oppressive regime at no small personal and human cost.

President Obama, U.S. Congress and populace: PLEASE be active in support and present in the development of a democratic civil society. Don’t hang a banner of “mission accomplished” and don’t diminish pressure and support. We can’t afford another would-be free state to devolve into an extremist breeding ground.
Lastly, my congratulations to Wael Ghonim and Google on emerging as symbols of freedom in the region.  Cementing Google’s image as a champion of information as power for the masses, with worldwide association of Google’s with the United States is really a victory for all of us.

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