Jun 132011

In this first excerpt from our in depth interview (read my recap of the interview here), famed civil rights attorney, Harvard law professor, author and political commentator, Alan Dershowitz and I discuss the origins of a decades-old saying, and its impact on Jewish identity. Even in this brief segment, Prof. Dershowitz quickly cuts through some common notions — including my own — and raises some important questions.

Alan Dershowitz: The Trotskys and the Bronsteins


Can a Jew ever be anything other than a Jew, regardless of how they see themselves? Were the Jews who participated in the revolution fighting for a just cause, or just deluding themselves into thinking they could make a country based on equality out of a historically anti-Semitic nation?

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  1. Dershowitz’ is a fairly new Hero of mine. Taken from his lectures at Harvard Law school, his Trials of the Century Audio Books are quite informative.