Oct 172011

Alex Litvak is an up-and-coming Hollywood screenwriter (Predators, The Three Musketeers). Like me, Alex was born in the former Soviet Union. Unlike me, his family wasn’t allowed to leave until after an 11 year battle with emigration.

We sat down to discuss our experiences as Jews from the Soviet Union; dealing with Soviet anti-Semitism, American integration, and the differences and surprising similarities growing up a “Russian” in Reagan-era United States and as a “refusenik” in Soviet Russia.

Here are some highlights from our conversation. Enjoy, comment and please consider SUPPORTING this project.

Alex Litvak

The Three Musketeers PosterAlex’s new film The Three Musketeers, starring fellow Soviet ex-pat Milla Jovovich, opens nationwide this Friday (Oct. 21, 2011).

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  1. Leaving one country, arriving in another, growing up and being something ells with roots from another place, are always fascinating stories to me, since I myself is born in Sweden & have been growing up in Switzerland since 1st primary school.