Apr 042012

I’m very excited to say that my recent presentation for the Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles, The Trotskys, the Bronsteins and the Kievskys: A Search for Identity in Russian-Jewish History, is now available on DVD.  If you are at all interested in Revolution-era Russian history or the history of the Jewish people under the Czar and the Soviet Union, I believe you will find this informative and entertaining.


The presentation focuses on the lives of the “Bronsteins” – the average Jew of the Russian Empire, the “Trotskys” – the more integrated / Russified Jews that created the revolution, and the “Kievskys” – the resulting mix of Trotsky and Bronstein that would become the Jews of the Soviet Union.   You can see a rough excerpt from the presentation in this previous post.

Many thanks to all of our donors who have helped us reach this point! While we are still working on the final product, as a special gift, if you have donated at the “Melamed” ($180) level or above and would like a free copy of this presentation, please send us an email and we’ll get one out to you.