If You Want To Go (Sho)far

Quoting an African proverb, Rabbi Wolpe said “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” It’s not hard to understand the wisdom of that proverb, but what if you don’t feel that there is a community — an extended family — to go with? How far will you go before you are lost and alone? This is the very dilemma facing young ex-Soviet Jews around the world today.

The Trotskys, the Bronsteins, and the Kievskys – Now on DVD!

Boris Kievsky’s presentation on Russian-Jewish history, “The Trotskys, the Bronsteins, and the Kievskys,” is now available on DVD.

“The Rus-holme Syndrome” at JGSLA

Rus-holme Syndrome – An excerpt from Boris Kievsky’s presentation for the Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles — The Trotskys, the Bronsteins, and the Kievskys — on January 9, 2012 at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles.

Alan Dershowitz: Anti-Semitism in Modern Ukraine

Alan Dershowitz demonstrates the anti-Semitism inherent to Ukrainian culture for hundreds of years and still represented today — just by pulling Ukrainian currency out of his wallet.
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Interview with Alex Litvak

An interview excerpt with fellow ex-pat screenwriter Alex Litvak (Predators, The Three Musketeers).

Belonging – From Isolation to Community

A video introduction to the participants of the Russian-Jewish Community Leadership Program — their identity, nationality, and hope for community.

IndieGoGo is a Go-Go!

Our IndieGoGo campaign is live!

Misha and Isabella: The First Generation

Boris turns to his niece and nephew to provide a perspective on growing up Jewish as part of the first wave of Jews descended from Soviet Russia, but born in America.
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“Don’t Call Me Russian: The History of a Nationality”

Boris Kievsky presents Don’t Call Me Russian: The History of a Nationality at a recent BINA LA event, based on the research he’s compiled working on Cycles and Revolutions.

Alan Dershowitz: Soviet Equality and the 5th Line

In this interview for “Cycles and Revolutions,” Alan Dershowitz explains the Soviet Union’s policy of deniable anti-Semitism and legal branding of Jews.
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Dmitry Salita: The Hope of Ze’ev Jabotinsky

An excerpt from our interview with professional boxer and Golden Gloves winner, Dmitry Salita, on the topic of Ze’ev Jabotinsky.
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Alan Dershowitz: The Russian Empire and the Tsuris Theory

Alan Dershowitz, in an interview with Boris Kievsky for Cycles and Revolutions, shares his thoughts on Jewish life under the Czars and his Tsuris Theory of Jewish Survival.
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Dmitry Salita: On Jewish Identity

Professional boxer Dmitry Salita and Boris Kievsky discuss childhood in the USSR, Russian-Jewish identity today, and how he feels like he’s representing the Jewish people when he boxes.
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Alan Dershowitz: The Trotskys and the Bronsteins

Never afraid to state his views, Professor Dershowitz gives his perspective on the promise and fate of the Bolshevik revolution. Can a Jew ever be anything more than a Jew, regardless of how they see themselves? Were the Jews who participated in the revolution fighting for a just cause, or just deluding themselves into thinking they could make a land for themselves in a historically anti-Semitic land? Cycles and Revolutions director Boris Kievsky asks Alan Dershowitz about ‘the Trotskys who make the revolutions and the Bronsteins who pay the price.’
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Radio Kol America Interview

Boris’s radio interview for Cycles and Revolutions on RadioKolAmerica with Liami Lawrence, discussing this project, his identity as a former-Soviet-Jew growing up in the U.S., the Russian Revolution, the Russian mob and the state of post-Soviet Jewry.
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Concept Reel Now Online

A visual introduction to the stories and themes of “Cycles and Revolutions” this concept reel offers views from professors, religious figures, and historians, as well as a glimpse into the very personal journey that serves as the heart of the film.
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Photos from the Journey

Here is just a small sample of the photos taken during our trip across Ukraine, Russia, and into the depths of Siberia, searching for the place of my father’s birth and remnants of Jewish culture.

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