To create a personal and engaging portrait of the life and times of Jews in Revolution era Russia while exploring the consequences that arose from their participation in that revolution. Through this, we hope to engage and educate those with similar stories and strangers to the subject alike.


While the subject matter focuses strongly on the Jewish experience,  the themes  inherent to Cycles and Revolutions can reach a much broader audience as well. The film’s primary demographic is ex-Soviet Jews with questions about their past and current cultural identity, as well as any Jewish and/or Russian person interested in his or her history, then extending to those with an interest in political history and the creation of first world superpowers. Furthermore, the lessons learned are ever more relevant to the current revolutionary climate that is spreading around the world.


We hope to distribute as widely as possible, but with a focus on services that can offer easy access to those already interested in the subject material, such as indexed online sites like Netflix and Hulu, while also reaching out to educational programs and history channels. We have been given preliminary invitations to Jewish film festivals around the country and hope to find similar success with broader festivals, as well.