This segment of the documentary is now complete.  You can read about it in the blog posts (scroll down to August 2010), and see some of the pictures.

Cherkassy, Ukraine

  • A city on the Dnieper River where grandma lived and met my grandfather. The city where I was born.

Kiev, Ukraine

  • My grandfather’s city of birth and service to the Red Army

Moscow, Russia

  • My grandmother had a two-day layover in Moscow, where she stayed with relatives

Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

  • Transfer point from the railroad to the boat that took my grandmother up the Yenisei river

Pristan Strelka

  • 350km up the Yenisei River, this is the transfer point to the Angara River

Motygino, Krasnoyarsky Region, Siberia

  • The small port town closest to Rozdolinsk

Rozdolinsk, Krasnoyarsky Region, Siberia

  • The final destination, where my grandmother, grandfather, and father lived until Stalin’s death.