Dec 062011

On Tuesday, December 13th, I will be presenting at a Taste of LimmudLA, hosted at the Workmen’s Circle.

I will be speaking on the specific history and cause of the Jewish participation in the Revolution, the ramifications of that participation, and how ex-Soviet Jewry can survive without the external pressures of the Soviet Union.  This is a particularly exciting opportunity for me, because unlike the previous 15-minute or less time slots I’ve had the chance to present in, I will have 40 minutes to present and still have time for a Q&A.  This means more depth to the presentation, more multimedia and I can finally speak slower!

I am also thrilled to be sharing the evening, called “Boris Squared” with Boris Dolin, a specialist in military strategy, national security management, and international relations, offering a presentation entitled “A Day of Hope and Tears: Israel’s Story of Independence.”  I had the pleasure of befriending Boris during a recent trip to Israel.  He’s incredibly knowledgeable in history, diplomacy, current Israeli politics, and a captivating speaker.  Boris recently founded the organization Telem — an exciting young movement in Isreali diplomacy.

If you’re not familiar with it, LimmudLA is a volunteer run organization dedicated building community, fostering learning, and creating exciting opportunities for Jews of all ages.

I hope to see you at what will surely be a fascinating evening.
Please RSVP to Jodie at LimmudLA